Gabel Karsten
Bathroom Sink in ColorBathroom Sink in GrayRust StainsStudy of Sink Drain and StopperTwo SoapsSink ObjectsBathroom Sink StudyStudy of faucet and Two Bottles of SoapStudy of Two Yellow Flowers #3Study of Two Yellow Flowers #2Gray Study of Two Yellow FlowersGray Study of a Single CupCoffee Mug in GrayUpside Down Cup in GrayGray Study #3Gray Study #2Gray Study #1Study of a Green Pin CushionStudy of a Red Pin CushionStudy of Jar of Safflower SeedStudy of Two PigeonsStudy of a Pigeon TurningStudy of a Pigeon WingTwo Looks of BusterPigeon StudyPortrait Study of a Pigeon#3 Portrait Study of Beetle#2 Study of BeetlePortrait Study of BeetleCoffee Cup and an Incoming StormOpened TangerineTangerine SeedsStudy of a Single TangerineUnintended TwoStudy of Three TangerinesLone TangerineA Long Stem and Two TangerinesA Single TangerineConjoined TangerinesFrog ToyRaspberriesTea Cup with Little Blue FlowersCup of TeaSmall Cut of Sharpened Pencils
Can of MarkersStand  OilSmall Can of PastelsHartzElmersMustardCoffee BreakInk and BrayerNeedle and ThreadRed Tin CanBottle and CapTitanium White TubeLinseed Oil and FriendElephantReading GlassesToothpasteGreen AppleTomatoAvocadoA Single AppleThree Apples, One StemPersimmon Among FlowersOil Cloth and MandarinsBreakfast with CowBird PressTwo TangerinesTwo LemonsTwo PeachesOnionGood Resting SpotOne Pomegranate with CompanyTwo Tomatoes WaitingBowl of TomatoesRoma TomatoesTwo peppers & Little OnionRose Leaves in GlassLady Banks RosesMetal FlowersThe Sweetness of TwoSingle Garlic FlowerTiny Yellow Roses with Cat SkullKaren's VesselRoses With AlligatorPoppies IIpoppies IIpoppies IFlowers for IngridKaribou Flowerstiny glass pitcherblossomspeach tree branchtwo branchescacti flowersazaleas IDried Weeds
Small Studies
This select group of paintings is from my daily studies practice. In my everyday observations of objects in and around my house I find beauty in the ordinary. There is never a lack of things to paint, only a lack of time. These small studies allow me to single an item out and deeply look; with paint I try to show what I find so intriguing and lovely in them.They are all done directly from life and with the exception of a few, done alla prima (painted all at once, wet-on-wet) on a variety of surfaces. I have grouped some in categories as opposed to the order in which they were painted. If you liked to see more and a peek into the process please visit my blog.